In the 19th century,a large number of fossil fuels, particularly coal consumption continues to increase in London, making London serious air pollution. In 1952, the London smog incident caused the British people to reflect deeply. The British government began to "focus on tackling smog" and achieved remarkable results.

In this context, Airwin began to focus on the development and production of ventilation and purification equipment related to indoor environment, as well as the systematic solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Airwin now serves more than half a million users worldwide. In the professional field, Airwin actively with the relevant construction association, the association of hvac and government research institutions to establish cooperation.

Airwin has been focusing on Chinese consumers' demand for indoor air quality and the development of China's ventilation and purification market. In the past 10 years, Airwin has been continuously seeking solutions for indoor air quality systems suitable for China through tracking and data analysis of China's environment.

Airwin eventually entered China in the form of brand authorization and technical cooperation and achieved rapid develo- pment. In all kinds of high-end residential, office, conference room, bank, hotels, clubs, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes and other places have accumulated many systems engineering, and with great experience effect,won a good reputation!