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Low noise, sleeping comfortably
The Japanese chisu brushless DC motor is used, and the Fluet fluid is used to optimize the air duct to reduce noise effectively. The noise is as low as 21 decibels, just like whispering.
The core filter can be washed by water
Primary filter it can effectively block dust, pollen, floc and other particulates.
IFD filter the patent filter of Darwin company in UK has low pressure drop, low noise and no ozone characteristics. The adsorption rate of PM2.5 is 99.98%, which can be washed without replacement.
composite HEPA filter PM2.5 filtration efficiency is 99%, built-in activated carbon, can absorb air odor and gas pollutants.
No cross beam punching
The installation is simple and elegant, and the house with good decoration can also be installed. At the same time, it saves indoor space and maintains conveniently.
APP control of mobile phone
Remote wireless control, anytime and anywhere monitoring indoor air
quality! The parameters of PM2.5, oxygen output, temperature and humidity
are accurately monitored.
Intelligent controller
3.5 inch LCD screen design, built-in industrial sensor, real-time display of PM2.5, oxygen flow, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.