Oxygen Manufacturing Ventilation System
A revolution in air optimization
Increase the oxygen concentration by 1%-2%
Using forest air as a standard, the oxygen concentration will be increased by 1%-2% and
2000 /cm³ negative oxygen ions will be provided.

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Oxygen Manufacturing
Ventilation System

Forest air

PS: Comorehensive air quality comparison

The breath experience of the forest
The negative oxygen ion is beneficial to the health of the human body. The indoor unit can transport the 93% concentration of oxygen to the room and combine with the negative charge released by the negative oxygen ion generator module in the room, so that the concentration of the negative oxygen ion in the room can reach 2000 /cm³.
2 weeks after the continuous use of Oxygen Manufacturing Ventilation System
Principle of oxygen manufacturing
Ventilation unit
Oxygen manufacturing Ventilation units need to match the
Ventilation units to achieve the best air quality.
  • Outdoor unit

  • Indoor unit

  • Indoor unit

  • T4

  • T5