Airwin intelligent ventilation system
The ventilation system
is more suitable for preventing haze
Since 2013,
Airwin has officially entered the Chinese market and provided
systematic and professional solutions for the indoor environmental
governance of Chinese buildings.
The deficiency of traditional ventilation system
Value ventilation over filtration.In the environment of haze, the filter screen is easy to block,
resulting in purification failure. Replacement is frequent and costly, and a ventilationsystem
cannot effectively reduce indoor PM2.5 levels
Fresh air + anti-haze Pure and clean
Airwin intelligent ventilation system can not only ensure efficient ventilation and energy recovery of indoor environment, but also dynamically monitor PM2.5 data inside and outside the control room, and intelligently adjust the air inlet and air exhaust ratio.
Energy saving design On-demand ventilation

When the indoor CO2 or TVOC exceeds the qualified standard value, the ventilation system is opened to
supplement the indoor oxygen and expel CO2. At the same time, it can reduce the concentration of TVOC and
make people feel refreshed.When indoor CO2 or TVOC is in the qualified value, the ventilation system is closed,
the internal circulation mode is opened, at the same time, IFD filter can effectivelysterilize.

Apply British Darwin patents

Filtration technology by Darwin, a British company, has low wind resistance, low noise, no ozone,
washable, zero consumption materials, 99.99% PM2.5 filtration efficiency and 99.8% sterilization rate.

The results are visible, intelligent and intimate

Airwin ventilation system use PM2.5 far-infrared laser dust sensor, TVOC sensor, CO2 sensor and temperature and humidity of the function of the industry's top brands,to create green low carbon life.